Flamman & Abraxas

Flamman & Abraxas
Release date
01 January 1970
Flamman & Abraxas
01 January 1970 |

Flamman & Abraxas are the owners and managers of Lower East Side Records since 1989. They operate under many aliases, such as Fierce Ruling Diva and the Party Animals – as producers they are the creative brains behind many artists, including Patrick Jumpen.

Their radiomix of Technohead’s “I Wanna Be A Hippy” charted worldwide and put the name “Flamman & Abraxas” on the map. Subsequently the radiomixes for the Party Animals would have the standard “Flamman & Abraxas Radiomix” suffix.

Under the name Flamman & Abraxas several single releases charted Top 10 in the Netherlands. Songs like “Good To Go” and “I’ll Be Your Only Friend” are classics and their album “Enter The Dragon” carries most of their songs.

Currently Flamman & Abraxas are very active on stage with shows and DJ sets throughout the Netherlands, often at 90’s themed mega parties.