Eiffel ‘65

Eiffel ‘65
Release date
01 January 1970
Eiffel ‘65
01 January 1970 |

In the early 90s Eiffel 65’s three members Jeffrey Jey, Maury Lobina and Gabry Ponte became part of Massimo Gabutti and Luciano Zucchet’s music factory: Bliss Corporation, based in Turin. After taking part to many dance projects both as artists and producers, they decided to start a band in September 1998. This decision came after a collaboration of Maury, Jeffrey and Gabry which led to the production of a song called “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”, their debut single.
“Blue”’s results were impressive: the track has topped the sales charts for various weeks and in many Countries, including the unreachable England and the United States.
This, for Eiffel 65, will be the beginning of a long series of concerts all over the world, next to the most important international artists. from this moment on they will be very popular in television, radio shows and on the main newspapers.
“Move Your Body” and then “Too Much Of Heaven” will prove the success of the first hit and will then enter the tracklist of their first album, “Europop”.
In 2001 the band releases “CONTACT!”, their second album containing the hits “Back in time”, “Lucky (in my life)” and “80’s Stars”.
In these first five years Eiffel 65 have sold around 15 million records all over the world.
Eiffel 65 have also been contacted to produce remixes for the following artists: Jean Michelle Jarre, Kool & the Gang, Aqua, Bloodhound Gang, Andreas Johnson, Piero Pelù, Nek, Kim Lucas, and more.
In 2002 Eiffel 65 signed a contract with Universal Music and published “Cosa resterà (in a song)”, that will anticipate their third album. This is their first track in Italian and in the summer of 2002 it will become a national hit. After this experience, the band will decide to release an album entirely sung in Italian.
In March 2003, Eiffel 65 take part to the “Sanremo Music Festival” with “Quelli che non hanno età”, which will top the charts as “most aired track in Italian radios”, while their single “Viaggia Insieme a Me” (15 May 2003) will represent a pop shift in the band’s production.
Their new album “Eiffel 65”, which will come out on 30 May 2003, will also have an English version titled “Eiffel 65 (The English Album)” to be released a year later.
Eiffel 65 are also the authors of an instrumental track called “Living In My City”, which was realized for the Turin Winter Olympic Games of 2006.
After a pause during which the members of the band have focused on their side projects, like Gabry Ponte’s solo career and the “Bloom 06” project of Maury and Jeffrey, they are ready for a fresh new start with the “New Planet Tour” in 2010.
On 1 June 2016 Eiffel 65 released their latest single “Panico”, alongside its English version “Critical”.
The band still has an active career and is involved in interviews, tv show appearances and documentaries.
Their hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” has been licensed to be used in many soundtracks of Hollywood movies: “Big Fat Liar”, “Iron Man 3”, “The Smurfs: the lost village”, “Smallfoot” are only some of the examples. The track is also featured in the new version of the game “Just Dance 2018”.
Eiffel 65 have never stopped touring since their latest reunion in 2010, performing in the main clubs of Italy and Europe and at Dance Music Festivals around the world.
Their latest world tour has started in November 2018 from Dubai and will take the band all around the world once again.