Soul Central

Soul Central
Release date
01 January 1970
Soul Central
01 January 1970 |

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20 years on from first dominating the industry with a round of era defining anthems, UK’s Soul Central return with
even more poignant music. Remaining pivotal in their approach serving up genre shifting releases their resilient
quality remains. Now under a new guise that includes original producer Paul Timothy joined by Matt Mckillop are
actively breaking down barriers that chart success brings. Navigating from authentic Funk to raw Disco, live
instrumentation interplayed with underground House, their latest songs often share a deeper edge.

Their new focus has seen them align with cutting edge and classic labels, delivering both digital and vinyl releases,
and are set to surpass their global hit “Strings Of Life”. Expect the occasional crossover track from this masterful
duo, but don’t believe that is all they offer. Already we’re seeing top DJ’s from every genre in full support, and over
the following years you’re going to see this picture fast unfold.

With a clear vision and vehicle to express their more alternate side, expect to be hearing a lot more natural, and left
of center releases as they continue their legacy and serve up a greater body of work that will inspire and engage
another generation.

Widely recognized as a household name, and act that is championed by the world’s leading DJs and Radio shows,
expect to see this act supersede their former glory as they kick open the floodgates with catalogue and dominate
the charts once again in 2020 and far beyond.


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