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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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When you hear it, there can be no doubt that it’s that Shermanology sound. Brother/sister duo Andy and Dorothy
Sherman have spent the last five years refining their dynamic blend of soul-infused tech house, donning the edge
and energy of their Caribbean and Dutch roots to give the dancefloors and airwaves a little kick that has otherwise
been missing in electronic music.

This right here is a family affair. It started as they watched their family rise as 70’s R&B act the Sherman Brothers,
and scaled into both siblings finding their own way to keep the Sherman legacy alive through modern times.
Dorothy, a modern soul diva with some of the most unmistakable pipes heard in modern house, delivers true to her
gospel and R&B roots at every turn. Andy, whose production and MC experience has scaled the UK garage scene
and Dutch underground circuit alike, is now found setting the pace for Shermanology’s signature ‘soultec’ sound
behind both the desk and decks. Together, they bring an energy and edge that not even the underground can

‘Move Out Of My Way’ alongside Dennis Quinn proved a moment of reckoning for the duo in 2019. Between the
radio, DJ, and streaming support, it was clear that the industry’s tastemakers were finally paying attention to the
magic of that Shermanology sound. Deuting on Rawthentic in 2020 with ‘Hot,’ the combination of DJ support from
MK and The Martinez Brothers was matched with a three week run atop the Beatport tech house charts. Among
those paying very close attention was Jamie Jones, who wasted little time in signing their Bon Bini EP to Hot
Creations. A milestone that encapsulated the act’s intricate fusion of caribbean finesse, well-oiled tech house
grooves, and soulful vocal work, the EP’s lead track would prove a favorite across the BBC Radio One airwaves and
all major streaming platforms alike, ending their year with a subsequent release on Sola as one of the fastest
growing acts on Beatport and Spotify of 2020.

The new year has signalled even more energy and enthusiasm, and there’s no sign of Andy and Dorothy slowing
things down. ‘Boyz N Da Club,’ an independent debut single for the act that immediately garnered “Hottest Record
in the World” status from Annie Mac on BBC Radio One, sets the precedent for the forthcoming launch of their
own D’EAUPE label. Meanwhile, upcoming releases for Repopulate Mars, Solanauts and Cuttin’ Headz see
Shermanology continue to rub shoulders with the cream of the global house music circuit. The world may face
uncertainty, but one thing can be assured – when there is finally a dance floor, dark club, or festival main stage to be
visited, you will hear, see, and feel the magic of Shermanology.


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