Release date
01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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Patrick Samoy started a career in music production in 1988, only 18 years old. He had an exceptional career during
the 90s. He is well-known for his remixes, productions, compositions, and for artist and studios projects.

Patrick is an ex-member of The Unity Mixers (The famous Belgian DJ remixers of the 1990s).

Patrick is best known for the Eurodance group Paradisio. He created the group in 1994. He was composer and co-
author in partnership with Maria Isabella Garcia, Sandra de Gregorio, Marie-Belle Perez and Shelby Diaz for all
Paradisio’s original titles.

In 1996 ‘Bailando‘ by Paradisio became the SUMMER song in Belgium and subsequently went on to enjoy
international success, they sold 5 million copies of ‘Bailando’ worldwide.

Others hits by PARADISIO are Vamos a la Discoteca, Bandolero, Luz de la Luna, La Samba del Diablo and El Ritmo
Caliente. August 2016 a Greatest Hits (20th Anniversary) album is released available on all platforms.


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