Kris Kross Amsterdam

Kris Kross Amsterdam
Release date
01 January 1970
Kris Kross Amsterdam
01 January 1970 |

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Kris Kross Amsterdam: the leading Dutch act since 2011 on the international stage. What started out with two
brothers has grown into a powerful and energetic trio over the last few years with shows all over the world. In
2014 they added MC Yuki Kempees to it, making this legendary trio a fact!

The trio’s first release was called “Until The Morning “. This song was released in 2015. The releases that followed
were “SEX”, an international mega hit together with Cheat Codes that gained more than 600 million streams, and
Are You Sure?”, a huge collaboration with the British popstar Conor Maynard and American hip-hop artist Ty Dolla

Later a release with Conor called “Whenever”, that originated from Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” was released
with a touch of Kris Kross Amsterdam: this song became the summer hit of 2018 with 300 million streams on
Spotify. It got worldwide attention through the Billboard Dance Chart and the Global Top 50 Chart on Spotify.

In 2019 Kris Kross Amsterdam released the song “Hij Is Van Mij” with Bizzey, Maan and Tabitha, with which they
scored a number 1 hit in the single top 100 in The Netherlands. This track became the best-selling and most
streamed single of 2019. The single was followed by the song “Moment” together with Kraantje Pappie and
Tabitha, “Ik Sta Jou Beter” with Nielson, “Ooh girl” with Conor & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, “Loop Niet Weg” with
Tino Martin and Emma Heesters and “Mij Niet Eens Gezien” with Lil Kleine and Yade Lauren.

In short, Kris Kross Amsterdam are releasing hit after hit with their catchy and typical sound. The most recent
result of which is “Donderdag” together with Bilal Wahib and Emma Heesters.


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