DJ Cash Money

DJ Cash Money
Release date
01 January 1970
DJ Cash Money
01 January 1970 |

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Since 1984, DJ Cash Money has been pioneering, designing and defining the art of turntablism. He is a cultural icon
in the DJ world and one of the most prolific DJs in hip-hop history. Known in the industry as a DJ, turntablist and
producer, he is best known for his pioneering scratch techniques, lightning speed and fierce musicality on the
turntables. Artistic creations such as the “transformer scratch” and the DJ Cash Money Turntable Style Position
are just a few of his inventions. Many techniques and styles created by DJ Cash Money have single-handedly
revolutionized the technology for djs and the manufacturing of the turntables. He is the first DJ inducted into
Technics DJ Hall of Fame.

Although Philadelphia’s indelible stamp on hip-hops’ historical legacies tend to be downplayed to New York’s
contributions, DJ Cash Money’s accomplishments are undisputed as the champion on the turntables as the only DJ
to win all three DJ championships for the New Music Seminar and the DMC DJ Championships.


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